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St Mary's ChurchPeople across Wales are being invited to join in a national day of prayer for refugees on Thursday the 10th of December, which is Human Rights Day.

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Davies, says the day of prayer will be a chance to remember those in desperate need who are facing increasingly difficult conditions.

He says, “When we hear the horrific stories night after night of people leaving their homes and enduring perilous journeys as they flee for their lives, we all want to do something to help, but feel helpless at such a distance. One thing we can do is to hold both them and those who have the means to help them directly up to God in our prayers and thoughts. Doing this ensures that neither they nor the enormity of needs are forgotten. By setting aside a special day to do this we hope as many people as possible will join us in prayer and give the message to all refugees that we care, we are concerned and we are walking with them. May such a day also assure those who are faced with answering their needs that we recognise their need of wisdom, grace and vision.”

In September, the Governing Body of the Church in Wales passed an emergency motion for churches to show solidarity with refugees and those fleeing conflict and to welcome them into their communities.

The Reverend Steven Griffith, Priest Vicar of Brecon Cathedral, will be holding a Prayer Vigil in St Mary’s Church in Brecon at 7pm on the 10th of December. The intention is to have a quiet prayerful service without hymns and opportunities for silent prayer between more formal prayers. It is anticipated that the length of the service will be around 45 minutes.

There will also be an open event in the centre of Cardiff led by Cytun – Churches Together in Wales. It will take place outside Tabernacle Church in the Hayes at 4pm.

Please share your Day of Prayer for Refugees activities on Twitter #refugeeprayersDec10, and #refugeeswelcome.

More information on the Church in Wales’ National Day of Prayer for Refugees can be found here.