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Poster - imagePlease see our annual reports of activities over the years

Annual Reports

HBTSR Annual Report 2023        and summary of annual activity 2023

Annual Report 2023 word

Annual report 2022

Annual report  2021

Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019

Annual report2018


Annual-report 2016


We have a range of resources available for download below:

Schools of sanctuary summary of process

General HBTSR Publicity Materials

New HBTSR 2023 leaflet A5 AW-1

HBTSR_Flyer edited December 2019


Welcome days

[ also known as Sanctuary days or away days] updated august 2019 – a how to guide welcome days 

A list of items held at Ty Mawr for Welcome days At Ty Mawr.

HBTSR Ty mawr welcome day kit

HBTSR Ty mawr welcome day kit word 

Courts support

Please note that  volunteers  who go to court /Tribunal/Home Office hearings are solely there to provide support and not to provide advice or to speak at the hearing. This leaflet may help answer questions- courts Info Sheet 2

Can check here if case is listed

‘Courts Support is arguably one of the most valuable things that we can do. The people attending are incredibly anxious/ sick/ as they fear that they will be returned to the place they fled from. Although at Columbus House Newport I’ve been very impressed by how friendly and helpful all members of staff have been, nevertheless the process of attending,waiting around, being interrogated and fearing that a single slip might mean refusal is terrifying for the people whose life here depends upon the decisions made.
It has been good to see people’s faces light up when they realise that we are there for them. It’s hard to know  for sure if our presence really makes a difference to the process but a Barrister was clear that she felt that it did reflect very positively upon the person being scrutinised and certainly on one occasion the Judge was scanning our faces to see what we thought  about his pronouncement.
Our support doesn’t require knowledge of the system and we do not speak in court but we do offer a scared person the gift of friendship and cups of water if needed! We try to send our people in pairs or more so they can support each other If you want to join the Courts group please contact [email protected] .

When  attend worth taking some cash in case needed to buy drinks from machine, take some food and drink for person being supported and be aware that if you are upset by anything you hear or see  that the Court group will be there to offer support.

NB note that we do have a small fund set aside for assistance Legal fund guidance

and look at the Right to Remain toolkit for details on the asylum system.

also gives details for Children seeking asylum


Vitamin D

leaflets  UID vitamin D supplements

gap vitamin D supplements

vitamin D supplements

Arabic version Untitled document.docx

Information about the Nationality and Borders Bill

Policies & Guidance (see separate page)

Charitable Status Documentation

constitution adopted in March 2017 and amended  Quorum in July 2019

City of Sanctuary also provides some great resources, available here.

pdfDossier re Home Office for Chris Davies MP Dec 2018-2
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