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Poster - imageWe have a range of resources available for download below:

General HBTSR Materials

New HBTSR Flyer HBTSR 2021 leaflet A5-1  and             HBTSR 2021 leaflet

And HBTSR 2020 A5 leaflet-1

HBTSR_Flyer edited December 2019


Welcome days [ also known as Sanctuary days or away days] updated august 2019 – a how to guide welcome days 

Poster A4

Poster A5 x 2

Debunking Myths About Refugees – Factsheet

Refugees Welcome Banner (can be printed out and placed into a window etc.)

HBTSR – Aims

HBTSR – Brochure / Leaflet

HBTSR – Supporter Sign-Up Form

City of Sanctuary briefing paper on Destitution, Detention, and ‘Safe and Legal Routes.’

pdfDossier re Home Office for Chris Davies MP Dec 2018-2

Corona virus poster-1

Courts support

Please note that  volunteers  who go to court /Tribunal/Home Office hearings are solely there to provide support and not to provide advice or to speak at the hearing. This leaflet may help answer questions- courts Info Sheet 2

NB note that we do have a small fund set aside for assistance Legal fund guidance

and look at the Right to Remain toolkit for details on the asylum system

Vitamin D

leaflets  UIDPvitamin D supplements

gappvitamin D supplements

p2vitamin D supplements

Arabic version Untitled document.docx

Policies & Guidance (see separate page)

Annual Reports

Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019

Annual report2018


Annual-report 2016

Charitable Status Documentation

constitution adopted in March 2017 and amended  Quorum in July 2019

City of Sanctuary also provides some great resources, available here.