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The policy and guidance documents posted here should be read and carefully observed by HBTSR members and volunteers in all the group’s activities. They are reviewed regularly by the Trustees and will be updated as required.

Our golden rule is ‘if you are not sure whether it is safe to do it, then don’t do it!’ And Trust your judgment , if something worries you then share this with a Trustee and don’t do it.
COVID 19 POLICIES added 6/12/2020- Please check on Welsh government site for any updates as mentioned in the policy.



HBTSR code of conduct safeguarding pdf

HBTSR_Safeguarding_Guidelines_april 2018


HBTSR Guidance for Holiday Stays  2021 review

 ****holiday cottage application form jan 2020


Guidance for welcome days leaflet

Information about welcome days


All requests for financial help should be referred  to us through a South Wales support group for people seeking asylum  [or organisation or supportive agency ] rather than directly from  the individual seeking support as the support group can help us to assess priority and will need to assist with the provision.

HBTSR Grant Giving Policy v2.0

Hbtsr grant giving form


Hardship Fund Guidance hardship fund 2021revision



guidance and application for  travel passes nov 2021 revision

application forms to be sent to [email protected]


policy for phone top up 28:04:2020 money from  HBTSR and administered by Kelly Wearing for SASS. reviewed Nov 2021

Policy on contributing  to legal costs – Legal guidance reviewed November 2021


Press Policy updated May 2019 and reviewed November 2021


HBTSR Social Media policy updated May 2019 reviewed November 2021

Privacy Statement and data protection policy  HBTSRdata protection-PF editupdated May 2019, reviewed November 2021


HBTSR complaints policy 2018 copy.  updated May 2019/ reviewed November 2021

HBTSR Conflict of Interests policy 2018 .  updated May 2019/ reviewed November 2021

HBTSR volunteer policy updated May 2019/ reviewed November 2021


Food Hygiene for Welcome days HBTSR Nov 2021 revision