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The policy and guidance documents posted here should be read and carefully observed by HBTSR members and volunteers in all the group’s activities. They are reviewed regularly by the Trustees and will be updated as required.

Our golden rule is ‘if you are not sure whether it is safe to do something, then don’t do it!’ And PLEASE trust your judgment , if something worries you then share this with a Trustee and don’t do it.


see Food Hygiene –  in Guidance for Welcome days section
COVID 19 POLICIES added 6/12/2020-
Please check on Welsh government site for any updates as mentioned in the policy.
Public Health Guidance from May 2022
wPublic Health Guidelines
The Covid policies  below are no longer needed but left for reference
HBTSR-Covid-Policy-December 2021 hbtsr-covid-policy-word version COVID19 Risk Assessment.Corona virus poster-1
Covid-19 help for refugees and asylum seekers -multi language


We encourage everyone to do group A safeguarding training. Please register here

Suggest when registering
for organisation put charity
For name of org  put HBTSR
Line manager HBTSR
Job title volunteer
Course required group A safeguarding

HBTSR-safeguarding-policy-and-procedure-2021_updated-dec 21 reviewed Feb 23

w23HBTSR-safeguarding-policy-and-procedure-2021_reviewed Feb23
NB   new number for raising a  safeguarding concern with regard to an adult  is 0345 602 7050.

HBTSR code of conduct safeguarding pdf

Safeguarding-practice-guidelines-dec-2021 for Welcome Days revised December 2021 and see below

Word version



Safeguarding-practice-guidelines-dec-2021 PDF   for welcome days

Safeguarding practice guidelines word  for Welcome Days

Food Hygiene for Welcome days HBTSR Nov 2021 revision

Guidance for welcome days leaflet POSTER

Information about welcome days



All requests for financial help should be referred  to us through a South Wales support group for people seeking asylum  [or organisation or supportive agency ] rather than directly from  the individual seeking support as the support group can help us to assess priority and will need to assist with the provision.

HBTSR grant giving policy  updated December 21

HBTSR Grant giving policy updated Dec 2021word

Hbtsr grant giving form


Hardship Fund Guidance

hardship fund policy update dec22

word versionwhardship fund update dec22



Ukraine Fund details here Ukrainian fund

word version Ukrainian fund


guidance and application for  travel passes November 2021 revision

application forms to be sent to [email protected]



Policy on contributing  to legal costs – Legal guidance reviewed November 2022/december 2022



Press Policy updated May 2019 and reviewed November 2021/December 2022


HBTSR Social Media policy updated May 2019 reviewed November 2021/December 2022

Privacy Statement and data protection policy  HBTSRdata protection-PF editupdated May 2019, reviewed November 2021/December 2022


HBTSR complaints policy 2018 .  updated May 2019/ reviewed November 2021/December 2022

pHBTSR Conflict of interests policy 2018 ed 12:22updated May 2019/ reviewed November 2021/December 2022

wHBTSR Conflict of interests policy 2018 ed 12:22

HBTSR volunteer policy updated May 2019/ reviewed November 2021/December 2022

focused donations and delivery December 2022

word version focused donations and delivery