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The Ukraine Crisis

HBTSR has joined in with thousands of other groups and individuals to address the immense humanitarian crisis engulfing the people of Ukraine since Russian forces invaded their country in force on 24 February 2022. We have collected money and goods, sent consignments to Ukraine, urged our political representatives and the UK government to assist, receive and resettle refugees from the war, and are working with the Welsh Government, Powys County Council and other organisations and individuals in the reception of Ukrainian refugees.
HBTSR remains committed to continuing to support all people seeking sanctuary in South Wales no matter where they are from or how they arrived.

Welcome information  for arriving Ukrainian refugees and their hosts

HBTSR has produced  Welcome  information that we hope will be useful to arriving Ukrainian refugees and their hosts.

You can download this  in English here.

HBTSR підготував Welcome Pack з інформацією, корисною для українських біженців та їхніх приймаючих осіб.

Завантажити Пакет українською можна тут.

We have a drop in session every Thursday in Llangorse hall where people can be assured of a warm welcome and a hot drink and can meet compatriots and practice English conversation.

In terms of support for host families or anyone with an interest in assisting or working with Ukrainian citizens living in the UK, there is a very useful website which can be shared with both Ukrainians and those welcoming them: this website has some great resources available.

Free to attend daily trauma and resilience meetings online for Ukrainian citizens to give them the opportunity to chat to people experiencing the same things. The sessions are 45 minutes long. The website is

  There is a Helpline for Homes for Ukraine Sponsors.  Sponsors in Wales can call the free helpline on 0808 175 1508 for advice from 8am to 8pm.

For help with benefits, if required, you or your guests can access support from Powys CAB, and also  contact their Help To Claim service on 0800 024 1220.  Callers will speak to an adviser trained in assisting  people to start  their Universal Credit claim.   The adviser can conference call with translation services too.

*       If there are children of school age, you/your guests can access this school link with advice for sponsors:

*       The family will be able to register with the local GP.  GP’s are aware of Ukrainian arrivals and will carry out an ‘enhanced’ screening check and also provide information about any necessary vaccinations,    including Covid 19.

*       If the family wish to have help with their English, please contact any Neath Port Talbot College in Powys or Adult Learning Wales and they will be eligible for free ESOL classes.

This App may be easier to use than Google translate…

*       You could also contact PAVO (Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations) who may be able to direct you to additional services to support for the family, including links to community mental health services and Community Connectors.


The Choir of the Earth (online worldwide virtual choir) is learning a Ukrainian Folk Song – The Bunny Walks – which the famous childrens’ choir of Kyiv were going to take on a worldwide tour before they had to sadly disband. The Choir of the Earth will record this individually, it will then be mixed by their engineers and performed as a live concert on U Tube on Wednesday 15th June.

Collecting goods (material aid)

We and other groups were overwhelmed initially by the generosity of thousands of families, schools, churches and others who collected and donated clothing and many other items for Ukraine. We were able to ship some of these to Poland. However, the cost and difficulty of transport are immense, and the agencies we work with have great difficulty storing the huge volumes of donated goods. We are not currently collecting more material aid, especially clothes.
Where we identify need for specific items we will ask for them in our email newsletters or on Facebook. Cash donations and collections, however, are always welcome and will be used to help.

Practical help for arriving refugees

We may need help with welcome and support and languages groups. Please contact the relevant person on the list below to let us know what you can do. Hosting is important but ensuring we support hosts and guests is essential.
Offers of help please to:
Accommodation: Rowland Jepson [email protected]
Clothing , other small items  and Teaching group: Sue Richards  [email protected]
Larger items: Adil Gatrad [email protected]
Welcome packs:  Margaret Blake [email protected]
Language support: Mac McCarthy & Carola Tipton  [email protected]
Pastoral and well-being support: Janet Bodily  [email protected]
Phones & IT equipment  and education: Bethany Hill  [email protected]
Arts and culture including books, games: Claire Armstrong [email protected]
Sport and social activities: Melrose  East [email protected]
Press & publicity: Ailsa Dunn [email protected]
Information for refugees: Mike Gatehouse  [email protected]
Transport: John Anderson[email protected]
Food: Lis Lifford  [email protected]
Benefits and advice:  Jonnie Hill [email protected]

We will  have a welcome centre in our area and have been asked to help with providing volunteers to visit to offer support in different ways. If you can spare some time in afternoons, early evenings or at weekend afternoons that please contact

Monday  Lis is keen to hear from you if you can do some Monday  sessions. [email protected]
Tuesday Please let Claire know if you can help on Tuesdays     [email protected]
Wednesday please let Sarah know if Wednesday suits you      [email protected]
Thursday  please let Gaynor if Thursday is good for you  [email protected]
Friday   please let me know if Friday suits you [email protected]
Saturday please let Bethany know if Saturday suits you. [email protected]
Sunday Please let me know if Sunday works for you  [email protected]


A reminder from HBTSR’s Well-being group:

Who:  Members of HBTSR are a friendly, welcoming group of volunteers who are happy to offer help and/or support alongside other Agencies

How: To reach out, be available and approachable to displaced individuals and families as well as potential host families

Why: We’re all human beings with a shared humanity endeavouring to care for each other

What: Practical and emotional support, through encouragement and empowerment

We will try to do our best  in all circumstances but are all  volunteers also coping with everything else that life throws at us.


All images are taken by HBTSR or from websites pertaining to venues and we have verbal consent from all persons portrayed in photos