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HBTSR formed in September 2015, as the global refugee crisis escalated. We joined City of Sanctuary soon afterwards.  We are a registered charity, No: 1173570

We are a group of volunteers welcoming people seeking sanctuary, raising funds to help them and encouraging our political representatives to put policies in place for a kind and fair immigration system. As  a group, our supporters are  of all faiths and none and all political persuasions : what unites us is our common humanity and compassion for others.

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What we do – latest news

August 2021 Crisis In Afghanistan.

A We are trying to raise money in several ways. 

1 Street collections for charities working in Afghanistan ( such as International Rescue) and those welcoming and supporting people in the Uk ( such as Refuges Action)
2 Linking with Ceri Hayes.[email protected]
Who is raising money for a Women’s rights charity in Afghanistan. A fundraising take away meal is planned by the Comfort Kitchen( see Facebook)
3 We will continue to help all people who are forced to flee from all disasters. Our partners in Newport, Swansea SASS and UID and we  are grateful for either single or regular financial donations to enable us to continue our work.
B. We are not collecting donations of clothes or material goods at present. When families arrive in Powys on the resettlement scheme they will be well provided for by the council who will let us know about any specific shortfalls which are likely to be things such as computers, wifi and TVs.
The  groups we work with in the cities don’t want material goods at the moment.
C Write to your MP to call for urgent action.
– You can ask to see quicker action to resettle refugees to prevent risk to life, and to see the resettlement programmes increase the numbers and scope.
– You can ask that Priti Patel scraps the Nationality and Borders Bill and works with the Third Sector and Welsh Government to ensure we have an asylum system fit for the future.
– You can ask that the Home Office doesn’t negatively label or criminalise those that flee persecution.
D tell as many people as possible why we welcome refugees.

STOP PRESS – from 16th March 2020 we are following government advice to avoid  non essential  travel and social contact. Please see our COVID19 policy

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