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Llangors Church in Wales Primary School is now a School of Sanctuary

Fred came to speak to pupils in October about his experience of being on the KInder transport.  He visited again for the show case and was interested in discussing the UN Convention on the rights of children with the pupil who was with this exhibit

There was an opportunity to celebrate the award of School of Sanctuary at Llangors Church in Wales Primary School  when they threw open the doors to welcome parents, family and friends to the junior section show case event on December 7th . It was good to be able to share their detailed, in depth exploration of sanctuary and the  ways that the pupils have been  encouraged by their inspiring teachers to use this topic to access many subjects as well as covering so many different countries, periods of history, natural history and types of poetry.  Some inspiring teaching and learning.

A poster capturing some details of Fred’s talk

two of the Thank you letters to Fred




















The first person empathetic poetry  on display. [names redacted]

lovely poetry and beautifully decorated.




This experiential experiment worked well when pupils spent a day recreating the Calais jungle and thinking about what it might be like to be homeless












This was a reminder of when teachers placed a sleeping bag, cardboard, papers,foreign food wrappers, a map, money a passport and a prayer mat in the grounds and sealed it with police tape. Pupils were asked to try to deduce what had happened and to write a report.











these are the reports about the abandoned sleeping bag



this was one of the prize winning entries in HBTSR’s Refugee Week Competition earlier this year. The pupil discussed it with parents and sought their views upon how the UK looks after people seeking sanctuary











A pupil talked about sanctuary and then asked parents to write a word that described their feelings about immigration policy.






Art and Maths to show figures researched from the UN site about numbers of people who are displaced

The Christmas story. Pictures inspired by Refuge a book by Anne Booth and Sam Usher

Work on Afghanistan was  inspired by the visit to the school by Hamed Amiri ,author of The Boy with Two Hearts.

some of the texts used by pupils learning about seeking sanctuary

The pupils were asked to research, write and illustrate aspects of Afghanistan’s history, geography, natural history and culture.

Although not about Sanctuary, this was an imaginative way to learn about the countries playing  in the recent rugby world cup.

Another way to learn Maths and understand more about the conflict in Syria

whilst waiting for the official certificate a pupil drew his own !

Celebrating being a School of Sanctuary and raising £127.58 for HBTSR by selling coffee and Cake! THANKS VERY MUCH/Diolch yn fawr iawn! Well done to Pupils and staff upon this great achievement and all the hard work