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Christmas Giving

On the day that Robert Jenrick [ of the ‘too welcoming murals’ fame]  resigned stating that the Government were being too weak with the Rwanda plan, it was amazing to be taking to Swansea over 300 Christmas presents donated by supporters and schools in our area.


Llangattock school and Lawrence carrying one of the boxes of gifts

Donations came from a a number of individuals responding to our mention of taking presents to Swansea, from the  generous support given  by parents and staff at Hay School Welcome day and from  generous parents and staff at Brecon High School, Clyro Church in Wales Primary School, Llangattock Church in Wales Primary School, Llangorse Church in Wales Primary School and kind attendees at Time Out Brecon.

gifts at Clyro school



Beautiful Welcome sign at Clyro



Gifts from Brecon High School


There was such a volume of gifts that we needed 3 cars to take them all down to Adella of Unity in Diversity ,Swansea who was going to share the gifts with Sandra of Swansea Asylum Seekers support group. All gifts will be given out at their Christmas parties.



Thanks to all the generous people who donated and helped us all to keep  our spirits up.

Bed covered and surrounded by bags of gifts

A clever way to let us know an appropriate age for the gift.

gifts left over at Hay taken down to Swansea along with many other things by Philip and Lynne

Lawrence’s car boot and back seats full.

Colin’s car boot also full




And finally Llangorse Christmas market was visited by Newport ladies group with loads of lovely crafts to sell.