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Local launch of ‘Fair Begins Here’ – new campaign by Together with Refugees . February 2024

This poster invites you to join us at Hay Castle Great Hall. We will have various activities including turning a beautiful hand made book  composed of Parliamentary bills [ In particular the Safety of Rwanda bill]  into an orange heart. Please do call in!

The Launch of a national new campaign by Together with Refugees on 11th December 2023  called for a fair new plan for refugees that works for everyone.

HBTSR have supported Together with Refugees since it started as we too feel that our country needs to have fairer and more humane Asylum Laws.

How we treat refugees reflects who we are. At our best, we are welcoming to those facing difficult times. Yet too often people fleeing war, persecution or violence are treated with hostility in the UK, rather than compassion.

Together With Refugees brings together people and movements to stand against the divisiveness and hate directed at refugees.  We know that most people support a fairer, more effective and compassionate approach – and that refugees have always been part of the UK. It’s who we are.

In December 2023 Together with Refugees released new polling which reveals that fewer than 1 in 5 (18%) of the British public think the government’s approach to the asylum system is working well.    The poll also shows that 80% of the British public agree with Together With Refugees and want an approach to the asylum system that is well managed, fair and compassionate.

We  hope that we can create a kinder, more humane approach to supporting refugees. We are calling for an approach that means:

*People can seek safety in the UK, no matter how they came here.People can live in dignity while they wait to hear if they will be granted protection

*A kinder, fairer and more efficient system to decide whether people will be granted protection.

*Refugees and their local communities can build better futures together, with proper support for local councils to do this.

*The UK working with other countries to do our bit to help people who are forced to flee their homes. 

HBTSR  are  supporting  this campaign. We have asked local schools to consider joining with the Schools of Sanctuary Show your heart campaign and we  are holding a day of orange heart based activities on 13th February 2024 to link in with Valentines day. In addition we have sent  a letter to local papers telling people seeking sanctuary that they are welcome .

Valentine letter to people seeking sanctuary Feb 24-1

You can help support this campaign by using social media to  amplify our efforts

#FairBeginsHere and  #TogetherWithRefugees 

Twitter /X handle: @refugeetogether. @hbts4refugees

Instagram handle: @refugeestogether 

Website to link to:

Emoji: 🧡



Even if you can’t join us  you can still share the love on social media! Here are some suggested tweets and you can download high-res cards/GIF here . .

* Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we’re joining with thousands of others to call for a fair, new plan for refugees.

Today, and every day, we stand for refugee rights.

Because #FairBeginsHere @refugeetogether  @hbts4refugees #TogetherWithRefugees 


  • This Valentine’s Day we are showing the 🧡 and making a stand against the cruel Rwanda plan.

We are calling for a fair, new plan for refugees.

Because #FairBeginsHere @refugeetogether @hbts4refugees #TogetherWithRefugees 


* 80% of people in Britain want an asylum system that’s well managed, fair and compassionate.

The current mess isn’t helping anyone. This Valentine’s Day we are calling for something better. A fair new plan for refugees.

Because #FairBeginsHere @refugeetogether @hbts4refugees #TogetherWithRefugees 

our beautiful book made by Rev Anna Bessant