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A welcome day out at Treberfydd House and gardens for Ukrainian guests and hosts.

Carla and David owners of Treberfydd have been great supporters of HBTSR for many years and we had been trying to arrange another welcome day since the winter but Covid and diaries made this difficult. So when it was suggested that we try to do an event for Ukrainian guests and hosts they jumped at the chance.  Despite having an open gardens event planned, they suggested that  we could have use of the house and gardens and made us all feel very welcome.

We were fortunate that Powys Resettlement  officer Meg Lewis arranged to send out our poster to all local hosts and we made contact with the hosts and guests that we knew about.

Lawrence and Robert set up a welcome table near to the car park so that they could check people in and direct them towards the house. Adil escorted people to the billiard room and Tina, Beth, Sarah A, Alison, Chris and Mely set up some activities for the children. Ellen and Roger set up swing ball.  Although rain threatened it didn’t make much impact and so outside activities were possible and enjoyable. Sally, Hugh and children came to join in with footballs and tug of war rope. Sarah J and Lexie brought Daisy a beautiful grey pony who was much admired and pony rides were very popular.






Meanwhile in the billiard room, Melrose, Rowland, Ailsa, Jean, Roger and Ellen set out tables, chairs, food, drinks and everything was ready for a morning of networking and fun shared with new friends.

Caroline’s Bakery kindly gave  pampushky, Ukrainian garlic bread which was exceptionally delicious and much appreciated. Sarah had made a Ukrainian Honey cake which thankfully I tasted before it too vanished! All other foods and drinks were provided  by volunteers. A 10 Kg Watermelon cut into pieces was also popular.









Tours of the house were a very popular pastime and much appreciated. It was lovely to hear that the Raikes have been in the house since it was built in 1852.

Making and eating fruit kebabs was much enjoyed and making, decorating, filling with sweets  and breaking a piñata occupied many children and adults for some hours. The piñata was held on a rope from the terrace and over a tree and ladder before being beaten with a large stick! Not sure what Health and safety would have to say but it was fully risk assessed and only paper was hurt in the process.










An intrepid group headed  by Lawrence and Stuart set off over the fields to the bird hide and enjoyed more  conversation and views. Others including Lis and Denise helped to tidy up. Denise volunteers at the foodbank and was keen to help make connections. Several people have offered to help with interpretation at the foodbank.

It was good that several families were able to make links with  people who were living nearby and many exchanged numbers so they could keep in touch. Some needed items that we were able to source. A very satisfactory day with 15 families and hosts[ 52 people] benefiting from the opportunity to network and  have fun.

As a host said quoting Hebrews 13 ‘ do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares”. She felt that many angels had visited and been hosted by others!

Thanks so much to

Carla and David for hosting the event, doing house tours and generally being so tolerant and to Sally and Hugh for help and joining in.

Melrose, Robert, Lawrence, Adil, Beth, Tina, Jean, Sarah A, Sarah J, Lexie, Mely,Rowland, Carola, Stuart, Lis, Denise for help, food, support and activities.

To guests and hosts for coming.

 Thanks from Rhiannon,

A big thank you for everything you and all the other HBTSR volunteers did to make the event today possible.  It was lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces and I’ve received some wonderful feedback.