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Landmark day March 21st

We have written so many times to our Mp about our concerns about the Nationality and Borders Bill and asked her to support two main amendments from the House of Lords – Letter from 22nd March timed to be with her before the day’s work

Please vote for Amendment 6&11 and for the right to work

Dear Fay,
I do hope that you are keeping well and that you will be able to help us
You know about  the concerns of many of your constituents about the  Nationality and Borders bill. You have had countless letters, emails,  many petition signatures, ( another 50 People signed in the last week to add to the over 400 already sent to you). Many tweets  and Facebook contacts. I write again on behalf of the 500 supporters of HBTSR.
Many of your constituents would prefer that the whole bill was rejected but recognise that won’t happen.  Please vote for the amendments that will mean desperate people fleeing wars are not treated differently according to how they arrive and the amendment that commits to a humanitarian target agreement to settle people.
The right to work introduced in the House of Lords would do a great deal to reduce modern day slavery.——
Please allow your conscience and humanity to overcome the party line and help to ensure that the amendments are in the Bill
All good wishes
photos from the Landmark day- Flags were flown at St Mary’s church in Hay, At Hay School, At Gwernyfed Rugby Club, Llangorse Church, Neuadd Brycheiniog, County Hall in Llandrindod, At Y Gaer, The Guild hall in Brecon and at Brecon Cathedral. we held a stall in Hay on 17th  March and  gathering in front of Y Gaer on 21st March.
Sadly our MP voted against all amendments.