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Art Gallery and pop-up Shop

On the 4th February  2022 the old Oxfam shop in Bethel Square will become an Art gallery and
and  Pop-up shop for ten days. The shop will be open daily from 11am till 3 pm selling work by
many local artists [ or their personal Representatives] including Robert Macdonald, Eugene Fisk, Sylvia Dunn , Lesley Lillywhite and Vincent Stroud who have donated over 70  paintings to help raise money for refugees.

Hay, Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees (HBTSR) are indebted to Brecon Rotary
Club for the use of premises in Bethel Square, Brecon. Because of their kindness and
support, the group is able to hold the Art Exhibition there to fundraise for people seeking sanctuary, especially those currently living in South Wales. The exhibition will run daily from 4th to 14th February, 11 am to 3 pm, offering pieces of artwork by local professional artists and
also art-related books and other items for sale.







paintings shown are by Eugene Fisk and Sylvia Dunn who are amongst the artists whose work is featured.


The Reverend Margaret Blake, Chair of HBTSR, said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to not only raise money but also to inform people about the plight of refugees. We are so very grateful to Brecon Rotary and to all the artists who have donated paintings for this purpose. It is wonderful to see the community coming together to help people less fortunate than ourselves. During our time in the shop we will also be raising awareness about the Nationality and Borders Bill currently going through Parliament which we fear will be a hammer blow to the UK as
a place of safety for people fleeing war and persecution.”

Roger Reese, president of Brecon Rotary, explained how all of this was possible. He said,
“Thanks to the efforts of member Gareth Griffiths, we were able to obtain the temporary
use of the empty Bethel Square shop through the generosity of Skyscape Property
Management. Their representative, Tim Austen, was keen to see the shop used for the
benefit of local community groups and charities.”

Roger said, “Rotary International has a long history of providing emergency and other
forms of support to displaced peoples around the world and we are delighted that the
current use of the shop by Hay, Talgarth and Brecon Refugee Group will be to raise funds
to support those desperately in need who have had to leave their homes through
circumstances not of their making.”
Photo shows: from Left Rev Roger James, Rev Margaret Blake [Chair HBTSR] Ailsa Dunn,
Brecon Rotary president Roger Reese and Lawrence Duffy holding some of the more than 70 paintings donated for sale.

photos below show the opening of the shop on 4th February  and a sample of the artwork on display.










Design of pillow case to give to Mp

Artists that supported the shop  or had work featured  by donation from their representatives are

Vince Stroud, Lesley Lilleywhite, Joyce Jenkins, Veronica Gibson, Eugene Fisk, Geraldine Webster, David Bellamy, Meg Stevens, Eileen Young, Sylvia Dunn, Hugh Cutler, Rhoda Partridge, Meryl Lockhart, Roger Reese, Megan Lewis, Robert MacDonald, Sue Hiley-Harris, Shirley Jones, Andrew Dix, Trevor Paterson,  Clare Kiel, Peter Freeman.

Volunteers who ran the shop

Margaret and Patrick Blake, Rowland Jepson and John Anderson [ who acted as caretakers and John supplied the card system] Jenny Francis, Adil Gatrad, Sue Richards, Philip Oliver, Lynne Rogers, Ailsa Dunn, Marion Baker,Ellen McCombe, Roger Taylor, Claire Armstrong, Lis Lifford, Janet Bodily, Ruth Brown, Jackie Thomas, Sue Lambton,  Andrew and Sally Scott,  Roger Reese, Peter Jenkins, Anna,  Mike Gatehouse and Sue Keen.  And other members of Brecon Rotary who gave us the premises, supplied the screens and hangings