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Deliveries in in the last 6 weeks

After  a large delivery of bikes at the  beginning of November to both Swansea and Newport by van , the cars took over! Adil  took a large collection of items to Care4Calais drop off point in Cardiff on our day of action in Hay at at the end of October.






Then Rev Trina delivered a baby seat, toys, clothes and a large pushchair to a mother and baby and a few additional items to Thanu who had kindly agreed to deliver to other families. Llangorse church has set up a collection point  in the church for a baby and toddler’s clothes, equipment and toys. the idea is that parents can donate and take what is wanted. This was invaluable to R in Swansea who had been unable to take her child out for  a while as her pushchair was broken and she had only a few toys and not many clothes for her baby.




Rev Trina and  her colleague Rev Liz also had a hand in arranging the next delivery. Maria of Swansea Asylum Seekers Support asked for a desk for a man who was trying to study. The ‘Revs’ asked parishioners and  Sue B identified and paid for a desk and a small bookcase, computer stand and folding chairs which were picked up by Ailsa. Tim and Val agreed to deliver these items to Maria for onward delivery and also some additional bedding and a Z Bed  to a family and some additional items to Thanu.




Finally we were offered a flat pack wardrobe that was eagerly claimed by a family who have only recently arrived and are being helped to settle into Swansea by Thanu. They also were in need of warm bedding and some other household items. John kindly agreed to do this delivery and he also arranged to take some warm coats and duvets to Unity in Diversity clothing bank. If any more could possibly have been packed into the car then John would not have been able to drive!

These all are  such a positive actions to help people to feel welcomed and supported and for us to be able to share some of our good fortune.



Next week the Christmas presents deliveries start!  Our communities have been very generous and at least two trips will be needed to deliver all the presents for distribution. The elves have been busy!