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HBTSR at Hay Fair Trade Market

HBTSR were  in Hay Fair Trade Market  on Sunday 28th November-  so many  thanks to the wonderful people who run  this. We made hot drinks and had donated mince -pies and cakes to give out in return for a donation.  Thanks also to all who came and helped as well as those who came to support or donated items to sell. We raised just over £300 and had some great conversations.
Claire perfects making Hot Chocolate, Jan sets up the clothes rail and Margaret, Claire and Claire talk to Philip about the day.
Our petition seeking changes to the Nationality and Borders Bill was signed by still more people.   ‘Propaganda’ soft toys  were there for children to take and care for [ basically each toy has a label with our details and suggesting that the  toy is from a foreign country needs to be looked after ]. We also had lots of super clothes  to sell.
We held a short vigil in memory of the recent tragic loss of life crossing the channel  at 2pm which was the time that the fishermen raised the alarm last Wednesday.Apparently the boat set off at 10 pm on Tuesday but the alarm was raised when fishermen saw bodies  in the water at 2pm.  We all hope that some safe and legal routes can be rapidly provided to save such awful losses of sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.
Hay Literary Winter Festival – recognised as a Festival of Sanctuary by City of Sanctuary – lived up to its name. The interim CEO , the Box Office Manager and others held up an orange heart showing solidarity with Refugees. Our orange heart bunting was there for all to see and they raised some cash for us.  John Barnes talk was fascinating about “isms’ in general and can be seen on Hay player .
We had support from Zaytoun products, Tools for Self Reliance Cymru, Love Zimbabwe and Hay to Timbuktu.