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Please stop the threat of flights to Rwanda

Hay  on Wye market were kind enough to allow us another stall to discuss and demonstrate our opposition to the concept of sending traumatised people seeking asylum to Rwanda, a country not noted for its human rights record or good treatment  of people seeking asylum. We had arranged that Maryna, a Ukrainian refugee would share the stall to sell the jewellery, painted stones and other artefacts that she makes to sell to raise money to send back to volunteers in Ukraine.

Rowland, Claire, Chris, Lawrence, Michael ,Sue and Ailsa had agreed they would  help with the stall and gain signatures on another petition to send to our MPs to show our concerns. We were joined by Jane Dodds our MS who was delighted to meet Maryna and renew her acquaintance with Michael.

We flew our heart shaped planes and will send yet another letter to our MPs in the hope that they will represent our views. During the day we heard that Liz Truss had resigned  and hope that any future PM will feel it more important to deal with the economy and NHS  than pursue cruel policies against people seeking asylum.

IMG_6551 shows the planes flying