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A day out in Llangattock woodlands..

Sarah from The Gap Sanctuary in Newport made contact to ask if she could come with a small group of Unaccompanied minors who were seeking asylum. These boys had been sent to Newport who had identified social workers to help support them and to run a period of trying to help them to settle. Sarah thought that a day out in the countryside might help.











Jackie and Barry agreed that a visit would be possible and so arrangements were made for  the visit. Lawrence, Adil, Michael and Ailsa agreed to help provide lunch and support.

Since our last visit pre lockdown the  woodland project has developed and expanded. It was good to see so much activity with wood deliveries, woodchips, charcoal and honey all for sale and many volunteers working on different aspects of the various woodlands being cared for.

see Beanie sitting with X who was distressed. X enjoyed feeding Beanie sausages and the only smile we saw was when he was stroking Beanie

off for a walk

working the shave horse














Sarah, Cath [Social Worker], 2 interpreters and 3 youngsters arrived around 11 and we went to help load wood chippings for an allotment. . After that we had a wander before lunch. with lots of time to chat and get to know each other. Michael had a quick kick around with one of the boys and one was befriended by Beanie a beautiful black dog. The shave horse was a popular activity and then a short walk before returning  home. We hope the youngsters will settle and find a new home and hope.