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Penpont performs its usual magic.

Every now and then one wonders if a day out really makes any difference to people who are living hard lives in poverty and  often in fear that they may be returned to the horrors that they left. This message from a South Sudanese man ensures that that we will  keep on doing what we can to show people that they are welcome and that things may improve

‘The community and the charity in Penpont were so supportive and generous. The hospitality the showed to all of us was unmatched and I thank all of them and yourself from the bottom of my heart ♥️. Please keep organising such events, they really have healing effects on all of us who fled horrors of deadly wars from their countries.’

photos show Fiona and Troy, Margaret and Vina, Philip welcoming a visitor, and Val and Lucy making planes












‘Might there be a trip to Penpont this year?, asked Thanu. “Will my best friend Compo the pony be there? asked her daughter. And Yes we were able to have a trip on September 18th and Compo and Troy were able to be there for over 4 hours  with Fiona, Ceri, Esme, Katy,  and Florence  walking to and fro over the river with barely a break.

Our risk assessment of fast flowing river, fire pit, horses and Covid avoidance would possibly have any insurer increasing the premium but thankfully there were no untoward issues  except over use of the facial  muscles involved in smiling.

Margaret liaised with Vina, Gavin and Jackie to set up another perfect day. We took the decision to use outdoors as much as possible and the sun shone.  The generosity of so many people  in giving food, goods, and time was in evidence again. Jackie again ran the kitchen with help from Trevor and Julia producing seemingly endless amounts of buttered bread, egg mayonnaise, hummus, tuna, sweet corn, vegetable sticks, fruit and cake much of it donated . Claire, Chris, Tim, Melrose and others ran the kitchenette and ensured that everyone had plenty  of tea, coffee and biscuits.  Val, Rowland  and Lucinda led groups in making orange paper  air planes to form part of our planned protest about deportations to Rwanda.. Lis and Stuart again provided a large pile of soft toys that found new homes with excited children. Adil and Mary , Sue and Gez chatted and ensured everyone was happy. Lawrence and Philip ran the  welcome desk in its new venue at front of the house. Many other people helped in various ways and the Live and Kicking Choir were an added happy bonus entertaining for over an hour before joining with everyone for tea and cakes.





Rhiannon  had rallied over 40 Ukrainians and hosts and Thanu ensured that 47 people came from Swansea. Despite a number of last minute drop outs Thanu filled the places overnight and all who came had a wonderful time. Our friend Sweeta was able to come to share the good news of her children’s visas that arrived this week but  the worrying news that her mother and sisters might be sent back to Afghanistan and into life threatening danger. However for today she was able to relax and celebrate her first good news in many months and talk to Mike who will help to write up her story.






As this event coincided with the days of mourning for the Queen we had a  condolences book handmade by Virginia which many people wanted to sign. Several messages thanked the Queen for her long service and also for letting them be here.


Rachel joined us late after helping an Albanian lady give birth at home. ‘When i heard that her partner was not around and her other child was with friends, I just told her that I’d be there  and sit with her’ – the fact that Rachel is a midwife gave the lady the confidence to remain at home safely .

A was thrilled to have been able to have a ride . He’s not been in Swansea for long. In his home country he worked as a vet and he misses contact with animals since he’s had to seek asylum.

R was pleased to be able to say thanks in person for the bus passes that will mean she and her children will be able to attend college.






A young Ukrainian baby was very content with his father sitting quietly in the dining room and we were able to tell the parents that Llangorse Church has a  clothes bank that should keep this precious baby in free clothes for several years. I’m hoping that the generous donation of reuseable nappies went home with this family. A mother and her 2 daughters were delighted to be able to ride and told us the names of bits of equestrian equipment in Ukrainian. We were honoured to be asked if we might be prepared to attend their friend’s funeral as bearers.


Another magical, peaceful day at Penpont house with old friends and new. Thanks to Vina and Gavin for their generosity and hard work  and to many others for making the day possible. And the Swansea bus left  with bags of fruit and veg, egg mayonnaise rolls and pots of hummus for all adults and small bags of sweets for the children.


Thanks sent from Swansea via Thanu.

* Hello Thanu!! I’m Diana and I glad you Bring me to the trip today

* Lovely day and beautiful place

* I had a fun today. It was really unforgettable day for me. The people were so warm and friendly. I appreciate their time, effort and energy ((:

* thank you for everything

* Hello Thanu , thank you for the trip I love it me and my kids enjoyed all the time will be here thank you so much ♥️

* Hi Thanuja akki I so happy to be a part of the group today. A time well spent after few months. Thank you everyone for your effort and valuable time spent with us making us feel happy. Special Thanks to Thanuja akki for inviting me to be a part of this.
With love

* This trip to Penpont Country house it was an amazing adventure! I love the environment, the nice, kind and lovely people there, the food was so tasty; and the chorus was spectacular!
This make me forgot my problems and rid off my stress.
May the Lord bless this amazing organización and all the people who’s making this possible.

* My feedback on the trip is this:it was marvellous and I extremely enjoyed being part of it.

* The community and the charity in Penpont were so supportive and generous. The hospitality the showed to all of us was unmatched and I thank all of them and yourself from the bottom of my heart ♥️. Please keep organising such events, they really have healing effects on all of us who fled horrors of deadly wars from their countries.

* Had a blessed afternoon

* Thank you so much for the beautiful day . It was wonderful to see everyone from HBTSR in Penpont. Your lovely warm welcome made everyone feels so special. Food, friendship, nature, music and horses! What else you need? Plenty of food and goodies to take home. Very special thanks to Gavin and Vina for their beautiful venue, and everyone else their support and friendship 🙏
We had an amazing day and i heard that from everyone in the coach. They cannot wait to go back to Penpont !

We had a smooth journey home. Bus driver was amazing. In fact he stopped in Morriston and Hafod to drop some people off. It was a massive help to those who lived on route as return journey would have been difficult for them due to the shortage of buses on Sunday. We made sure we keep the coach clean and remove all the rubbish before leave. Pick up location was perfect this time.

* First of all apologies for the late texting. This tour was really a wonderful tour. Many thanks to the organizing committee for giving us such a great tour. From the food to every serving, there was a touch of sincerity. Especially horse riding, musical performance will make the tour enjoyable. My heartfelt wishes and best wishes to the tour organizers.
Again Thanks for the nice trip ❤️

Thanks from Rhiannon and Ukrainian refugees and hosts

What a special day it was on Sunday!

Penpont was such a beautiful setting and the warm welcome, the delicious home-made food, Alive and Kicking serenading, plus the (continuous!) pony rides made for a wonderful Welcome day. We were fortunate with the weather too! A lovely way of meeting up with old friends, and making new ones too.

Please pass on our grateful thanks to all those involved in the hosting, organising, preparation and running of the day. We realise how much work goes in to it, and we want you to know it is hugely valued and appreciated.

With thanks and best wishes,