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A Christmas outing to the Swansea Waterfront Winterland

“What can we do to help people to have a Happy Christmas after nearly two years of isolation?’ I asked Thanu in  early November. After a few minutes thought, Thanu replied “How about arranging  for the Women’s Group and their families to visit the Waterfront Winterland and pay for a few rides or ice-skating ? It would make them feel like an average family looking forward to Christmas and would be fun”.

Photos by Thanu.


the group arriving


agreed for a small group photo so long as faces were blurred

my favourite photo!

getting ready to skate















And so it was that HBTSR Trustees and then the group meeting were asked about giving money to the Swansea  Asylum Seeking Women’s group so that they could visit the Waterfront. We were aided in this by Swansea having made   bus travel free for the month of December to encourage commerce.  Thanu and Jeni Williams planned the day out and weren’t put off by the weather. They decided that using the money given by HBTSR, they would ensure that each child had the opportunity to go Ice skating if they wanted and participate in 2 rides or 3 rides if they didn’t go skating.

The feedback has been very positive with 16 What’s app messages almost immediately  saying thank you and how much the day was appreciated.

Here’s a sample!

Huge thanks to Jeni, Thanu and Brecon Talgarth gtoup to make our kids smile and shine as little suns in that rainy day.
I can imagine how hard it was to organaze this event for us.

Lots of thanks to our sponsors Hay Brecon Talgarth group..🙏🙏 I would like to express my sincere thanks @Dr Jeni Williams and @Thanu He for your great efforts to organise the event. 🙏🙏We are really appreciated.

That is very nice trip& nice photo😊

💝Thank you so much for this beautiful day🥳🌷

Many thanks to Hay Brecon Talgarth group for the donation and Jeni for an amazing amount of work on this ❤️❤️

Thank you very much Jeni and Thanu and sponsors 🌺🌸💕

😍💐💐💐💗 thank you for everything


What a great train!

A young driver

Thanks from Jeni

“A load of messages saying how much they enjoyed. We did explain that it was because of you . I think there will be more messages soon. Not everyone turned up  as the weather was just awful! But those who did come had a brilliant time and kept saying so over and over again every time we saw them. It was so nice to see everyone and they all enjoyed it too.”

Another heart-warming experience that may help these families to feel wanted and welcome.





Thanu also wrote an account for the Covid Chronicles  Thanks!