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Cycles to Re-Cycle Swansea.

loading the van

bikes delivered

July 27th 2021 -Drovers Cycles  in Hay and Sean have again collected 20 bikes and on this occasion we opted to take them to Swansea as Newport are in the process of moving premises and need to make space.  Re-Cycle Swansea is a social enterprise run as a not-for-profit community interest company (No. 0784655). They started accepting donated bikes in  2006,  pass 1 in 5 to volunteers whilst the rest are restored and sold on to support the project.   All bikes are serviced and refurbished by fully trained cycle mechanics working alongside volunteers.Volunteers help receive, prepare and test bikes with the support of the regular volunteer crew. Basically, volunteers including people seeking asylum, donate two days of their time and in return are given a bike that might without this scheme have ended up as scrap.

Lawrence and Ailsa were able to borrow a van from Tailored Bathrooms in Three Cocks and drove down to meet up with Kevin and Annie at Re-Cycle where 20 bikes were warmly welcomed. They sent their thanks to all who donated and collected the bikes and know that they will make a big difference to new owners once mended.

Kev finding space for the bikes


And of course , We took the opportunity to call into our friend, David of Unity in Diversity, to drop off 12 boxes of donated disposable Facemasks, [ In addition to ones given last week] a large supply of Vitamin D, 2 sewing Machines and  some household goods.