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The international language of football

Mark from The Gap Newport wrote early in May-‘Some of our teenagers are going with the Police to a 7 a side football tournament in London. We are struggling for kit – especially as no shirt sponsor’s names are allowed as its a Police competition. I was wondering if that’s something that you may be able to help us out with ? I would rather them go looking the part rather than a scruffy lot with odd kit. They  are the only team from Wales  attending. A full set of kit of approx 12 orange and black ( newport colours ) would cost approx £ 400, and i would also like to buy a set of shinpads at about £3 or £ 4 each. That way we are set up for any future tournaments.’

The team with Lauren project officer BME Sport Wales.

A quick discussion with trustees confirmed that we would  express willingness subject to agreement by the next committee meeting who agreed unanimously. The kit was bought.

It was good to be able to support a team that had given us such a welcome in April when we visited with Swansea to watch a match in Newport.

Mark wrote in mid June’ The kit arrived! This Sunday they are attending an U18 tournament organised by the police in London – they are the only side from Wales attending ( although its a 6am start…)

then Roath to Russia in Cardiff with other local sides as part of refugee week.

They are excited by the kit – lots of swanning about and selfies !’

At the tournament I’m told they acquitted themselves well, all managing the early start. However,  being beaten by a girl’s team  in the first match didn’t go down well!

After losing to the girls team.

Team briefing whilst number 7 thinks about something else!