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HBTSR at Brecon Women’s Artisan Market

DSC_1579Hilary, Penny, Trevor, Julia and Sam attended the Brecon Women’s Market with our stall and a petition composed by Jo asking our council if they could commit to taking some of the unaccompanied children from Europe. Hilary commented that the “event went off very well and was certainly worth the minimal effort involved.”

People seemed intrigued and supportive of what we are doing, and we made several very helpful contacts – some with people working with vulnerable groups in other areas and many wanting to become more involved. Most of our leaflets were taken and donations came to £89.26p!

FullSizeRender-75Five pages of the petition were filled, and many people were touched by Eugene’s portraits and commented on the importance of showing refugees as individuals and not just as part of a group. Thanks to Margaret and Pat for the loan of the notice boards – they really caught the attention of visitors.

The Respite Day concept really appealed to people and we heard many different stories that we hope to share. There was a very steady flow of visitors and a happy atmosphere. Thanks to Penny who came early and was replaced by Trevor while she went to sing with Alive and Kicking. Samantha arrived at 2:30pm and brought lots of positive energy and helpful insights about the placement of young people for fostering. She was a great help too at the end of the day when everyone was scrambling to pack up and head for home.

DSC_1577Please find the wording of the petition  below –  please consider emailing your councillor to ask them to ask the leader of the council to see if they can help. You can find out how to contact your councillor here.

Theresa May has decided to shut down the Dubs Scheme – a promise by the Government to bring some of the most vulnerable refugee children to safety in the UK. Many MPs and peers believed the government had made a commitment to helping 3,000 children under the Dubs Scheme. Only 350 children will have been helped by the scheme by the time it shuts down. Almost 90,000 unaccompanied children registered in the EU in 2015 alone. It would be possible to help 3,000 children if each constituency offered refuge to just 5 unaccompanied minors. 

DSC_1575Closing this new safe and legal route to protection for some of the most vulnerable refugees will mean more children resorting to illegal and dangerous trafficking routes, and leaves many children across Europe at greater risk.

Thousands of children we promised to help are still in danger. Please sign to keep the Dubs Scheme alive.

Action petitioned for: We the undersigned call on Powys County Council to recognise the local support for the Dubs Scheme and urge the council to reassess the number of places it is currently offering for unaccompanied child refugees in Europe.”

For further information on unaccompanied child refugees, please click here.

Thank you to everybody that helped with the stall as well as to all of the numerous visitors and for the kind donations!