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Together with Talgarth

‘Do I have to leave? Can i just look at the  view one more time?’ K is always pleased to see us and never keen to leave. He arrived in Swansea only about 5 months ago as an ‘un-accompanied  asylum seeking minor’ from a country where over 80 % of asylum applications in the UK are accepted. . He lives alone and is quite isolated. Whilst most people  from Swansea only come on one trip a year, we have welcomed  the fact that  our coordinator in Swansea , Thanu , has arranged for these unaccompanied children to come more often.

waiting to form teams to play

Tim on the Welcome desk

food laid out and a chance to chat

board games were popular

the gym was well used whilst waiting to play

























On Sunday the Talgarth community joined with HBTSR to organise another wonderful welcome day for people seeking sanctuary. A coach brought about forty people up from Swansea, mostly from Sudan and from countries in Latin America. They were joined by a number of Syrian familes and their supporters from Llandrindod and also by some of the many Ukrainians currently living in Powys, so in total there were about 100 visitors.

The local community involvement was really impressive. The Gwernyfed Rugby Club hosted the event and, in conjunction with the Talgarth Football Club and the Bronllys Wellbeing Park, they organised a whole series of tremendously popular football matches between visitors and locals. Other games were arranged by Powys Sports Development and the Talgarth Bowling Club, and luckily the weather turned out to be much better than forecast so everyone had a really good time. And as usual on these welcome days, there was plenty of delicious food. Members of local groups including the Tuesday Lunch Club and Grow for Talgarth baked serious quantities of cake and prepared all sorts of beautiful salads, and the local shops in Talgarth also contributed very generously.




Tuesday lunch club and ‘Grow for Talgarth’ cake providers

Chair of the rugby club

Chair of the football club

Rob of Talgarth Walkers are welcome
















Nicola Sports Development Officer















These Welcome Days are always an opportunity to share stories and experiences. Some of the stories of those seeking sanctuary are often barely comprehensible to those of us living peacefully in Powys, like the case of a woman who had been living in a country with no proper government at all, where corruption and gang warfare was endemic. She told me that when her son was only 10 years old someone had held a gun to his head and threatened to shoot him because he had crossed the road and so had strayed outside the local gang’s strict territorial boundaries. But sometimes there are good stories too. One young man said that for him and his friends these welcome days are a real joy, not just for the day itself but for a whole two weeks: for the week before, as the excitement and anticipation grows, and for the week afterwards, when they enjoy exchanging stories and reflecting on their happy day in the countryside.

Among those who had come along to find out more about the situation for those seeking asylum in the UK were Liberal Democrat county councillor William Powell and also the prospective Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Brecon and Radnorshire, David Chadwick, both of whom enjoyed talking to the volunteers as well as the visitors. The government may believe that everyone agrees with their cruel anti-immigration rhetoric but events like the Talgarth Welcome Day clearly prove that there are plenty of people around who, whatever their political persuasion, care deeply about others and will devote a great deal of time, energy, compassion and imagination to giving others less fortunate than themselves at least a glimmer of hope.



Rachel leaving

some of the helpers saying goodbye to our guests

Virginia giving the driver a well earned cuppa

From Virginia, Many thanks.  Weren’t we lucky with the weather!  It was a real team effort and it would not have happened without you and Lawrence bringing all that stuff from the store, Lynne and Melrose and the kitchen team together with Jacqui and her Sports not to mention all the volunteers from the group and especially
Gwernyfed Rugby Club
Talgarth Football Club
Jacqui Wilding for organising the sports with Valmai Davies and Chrissie Galbraith of Bronllys Wellbeing Park group.
Nicola Jones (Powys Sports Development) for Netball,Tennis and other activities.
Talgarth Bowling Club,
Shuffle and Roll Board Games.
Rob Hughes of Talgarth Walkers are Welcome
Tuesday Lunch Club and Grow for Talgarth
(Anna Weston put this on the Talgarth Community facebook last week
The Hay, Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees group will be holding a Family Day in Talgarth this Sunday (16th July) from 11:30. There will be various activities on the football ground and volunteers will be providing lunch, refreshments and afternoon tea for the visitors in the Rugby Club. The Tuesday Lunch Club and Grow for Talgarth volunteers will be donating and serving cake from 2.30. This is a great example of the sports clubs and other groups in the town supporting each other so please come along and meet the visitors and join in the with the activities)
Rachel   Giaccone did art work with children.
Claire Elliott did face painting
Talgarth Old Paper Shop, the Co-op, Pobl Bakery, Talgarth Mill (Alex Benfield)  Honey Cafe and the Deli Pot at W.J.George Butcher all donated food.

watching the game and waiting to play

Thanks from Attendees
Lovely to see you and a great day xx
Please send them my words of thanks for today’s activity.  I enjoyed playing bowling  and it was fun and interesting to learn. The food was very delicious.  God bless all the volunteers who cordially attended us and the leaders who made this activity possible.
Yes really  i was very happy 🤗🤗👌👌
Tuoday it was very Nice day, everything is fine and hmazeng 👌👌
Thank you. I am today very happy  [ Under 17 year old]
It was a great day. We had a great time and we enjoyed it a lot. I’m glad I took the children. They had a lot of fun and they received us wonderfully from very kind people. Thank you very much to them and the organizers.
I really enjoyed and give u all appreciation  all time be nice 😊 as you do thanks
Hello thank you. I am very thankful my family enjoy very much every trip is a unique experience every time we meet nice people .
Thank you very much 🙏🙏
 From Martha in Llandrindod
This is belated and formal letter from the Llandrindod Refugee Support Group to say thank you for your hosting of our refugees on Sunday last. They had such a wonderful day! I know that you did not control the weather but you did everything else to ensure that they had a marvellous time, and the dry weather was just the icing on the cake. I can’t praise the organisation and the food – and the amount of the food – highly enough. I have had experience of catering for that sort of number and I know how much effort has to go into it. Thank you so much , all of you, for making that effort and putting smiles on the faces of all the refugees. It was so good to see them enjoying themselves and we all enjoyed ourselves as well.
 From Social worker of unaccompanied children
Feedback from the boys that attended the trip was very positive, they enjoyed the football, loved the scenery and felt they were really welcomed.
I am always looking for opportunities that the boys I support and the boys that live alongside them that are Looked After by other Local Authorities can get involved in

Tennis and netball games