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Afghanistan and ways that you can help


I know that we all want to do something to help and it’s hard to know what to do for the best.  Here are some ideas and an update  on what we have done so far.

A HBTSR  are trying to raise money in several ways. 

1 We’ve helped  with and organised Street collections [ In Brecon with the Rotary Club and in Hay ,thanks to Hay Markets, we did our own ] for charities working in Afghanistan ( such as International Rescue Committee/IRC] and those welcoming and supporting people in the Uk ( such as Refugee Action and Welsh Refugee Council )
we raised £630 in Hay and we agreed to  match fund so have been able to give IRC £630 and will share another £630 with Refugee Action and Welsh Refugee Council. 
2 Link  with Ceri Hayes.[email protected]
who is raising money for a Women’s Rights charity in Afghanistan that she has been personally involved with for 15 years.  A fundraising take away meal  was planned  and made by the Comfort Kitchen( see Facebook) The meals raised £1689 and were hugely appreciated by those who ate them [ the food was delicious] but also by the charity! The money will help the charity  to continue to help displaced staff, their families and others in need as well as continuing advocacy for Afghan women. May be an image of food and text that says 'MENU turday 4th September and Thursday 9th September @ £20 PP AUSHAK Traditional Leek Scallion dumplings served garlic yoghurt seitan 'meat' sauce (Lactose, Vegan version available) KHICHADI Rice and lentils cooked with onions and gently warming spices SALATA Diced salad onion, tomatoes, cucumber, flavoured cilantro and lime LAGHATAQ Smokey aubergine and tomato topped with garlic yoghurt, (Lactose, Vegan version available) CARDAMOM AND ORANGE FLOWER WATER FIRNI te Afghan custard scented with orange flower water and cardam slivered lmonds (Lactose, Nuts, Vegan, free version available)'
3 We will continue to help all people who are forced to flee from all disasters. Our partners in Newport, Swansea SASS and UID and we  are grateful for either single or regular financial donations to enable us to continue our work.
we have sent money  and  items that were requested recently[ eg bikes, vacuum cleaners] to several support groups and individuals in need to help who were referred via support groups.
B. We are not collecting donations of clothes or material goods at present. When families arrive in Powys on the resettlement scheme they will be well provided for by the council who will let us know about any specific shortfalls which are likely to be things such as computers, wifi and TVs.
The  groups we work with in the cities don’t want many material goods at the moment.
we had super offer from a charity shop in Brecon that they will give us items that are specifically requested and may investigate to see if other shops might follow suit. We’ve tested this offer out and its worked brilliantly.
C Write to your MP to call for urgent action.
– You can ask to see quicker action to resettle refugees to prevent risk to life, and to see the resettlement programmes increase the numbers and scope.
– You can ask that Priti Patel scraps the Nationality and Borders Bill and works with the Third Sector and Welsh Government to ensure we have an asylum system fit for the future.
– You can ask that the Home Office doesn’t negatively label or criminalise those that flee persecution.
we have written….
D tell as many people as possible why we welcome refugees.
the Market stall allowed us to talk with many people and it was so good to know that so many people wanted to help and were supportive.

E donate to charities helping the people in Afghanistan or neighbouring areas and those helping people here. This link gives lots of ideas.


F here is a list of  local ideas  for Powys sent by Megan Lewis,  the Powys Resettlement Project Officer. NB the first 6 families will be accommodated in North Powys….

‘Afghan Resettlement – what can I do to help?

We have had many messages of support and offers of help from the local community in Powys which is really good news. Please note basic items (furniture, bedding/towels, crockery/utensils, white goods etc) are provided under the resettlement scheme and families will have a support network, including access to English lessons if needed.
There are still ways you may be able to help:
Donate to or support your local refugee support group. Please contact PCC directly for details of groups near you. The groups use donations for the nice things and extras not covered by Home Office funding, such as trips out, TV’s/radios or sports kits for the children. They also provide a warm community welcome and support refugees in getting to know the local area and making friends.

Helping refugee children with their schoolwork – meeting in neutral, public venue such as a library or café. Contact Helal Uddin at EYST: [email protected]

Helping adults with their English through a FAN group or local refugee support group

Offer a refugee a job or work placement. The Council (via EYST) can access funding available (via EU funding) for paid work placements for up to 13 weeks. Contact Deborah Cooze at EYST: [email protected]

We may have a need for specific items to be donated. Please do not send these in unless requested, as we do not have storage. In the past, we have found refugee families things they needed such as a violin; a children’s bicycle; a double push-chair for example. These were taken direct to the family who needed them. Send your contact details to [email protected] and we will contact you if there are any special requests.

I hope the above information is helpful. Thank you for your support.

Megan Lewis – Resettlement Project Officer
Powys County Council
[email protected]    ‘