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Thanks to all the Unsung Heroes

The end of another successful year of supporting and welcoming and enjoying the company of people seeking sanctuary draws near. At our open meeting in November we celebrated the contribution of some of the many people who have helped us and started using a new certificate for places of sanctuary such as halls that have hosted welcome days.

We’ve been preparing for our AGM on 15th January 2020 and realise that there are so many people doing things that we don’t always draw attention to and yet their efforts are invaluable as without them nothing would happen.
So we record our enormous gratitude and respect to
The people who have set up monthly direct debits or who have given us money that has allowed us to do so many activities over the years. Many of these people wish to remain anonymous but we are grateful.

Hay Festival staff, participants and visitors who have become one of our major source of funds as well as a great source of friendship and support [ and interesting talks] for people seeking sanctuary.

To our team of money collectors, event attenders and Janet for looking after and labelling the  teddies that have become such a popular feature and a great  way of telling young people about why people have to flee from home.  To Andrew and Penny for often looking after the display boards,  finding venues for them and coordinating our presence in Brecon at events.

To Richard Warr for the use of his garden to have a stall at Hay Festival

The National Lottery for funding a weekend of outdoor activities for young people. And to PGL for  making this happen as well as to the groups we worked with to find participants and support staff.


All the people who make food, attend , provide activities or otherwise assist with our welcome days

To the musicians who play, sing and entertain at events.

To the crafts people who make Welcome days such fun.

To the people who sort out their surplus clothes, sheets, blankets and gifts or who buy gifts , food, toiletries , washing powder, nappies , sanitary towels and
Thanks to the knitters who make hats, gloves, scarves, cardigans , toys and jumpers. Christina and friends meet as a group on Wednesday evenings  and make wonderful things but there are several solitary knitters who have also made substantial numbers of items.

To Tools for Self Reliance who have given us working sewing machines that have gone to individual people and to Women’s groups. Also  tools to help Newport Sanctuary after their shed burnt down with all gardening tools in it.
The drop off places 1 the Lib Dem’s offices and their wonderful cheerful staff who uncomplainingly accept and help to load up donations 2 at Mary’s church Hay and the  church wardens who let us know as donations start to accumulate and 3 our new Talgarth drop off point at Hay Vets in Talgarth.
Ty mawr Lime headquarters for giving us safe storage space and their caring staff who let us in.
The sorting team who allocate and sort donations ready for transport.
The transport team who take loads to the drop in groups at Swansea and Newport and to support groups such as Swansea Humanitarian Aid Response Project and Caldiicot.
The bikes group including Drovers bikes and Sean who take in bikes and Lawrence , Vanessa , Miv, Maz and Kevin who transport them to where they can be worked upon and allocated to people seeking sanctuary
Our larger items transport specialists– Tim, Val and Jonnie who have ensured that drop in groups have access to Table tennis, pool and table football. And of course thanks to the donors of these items which are much used and appreciated



A pool table off to Swansea and a car load picked up from one of the drop off points and ready to store in Ty Mawr. Bikes on their way to be repaired.


To Rowland , Sarah, Adil and other people who have provided accommodation so that people can participate in local events or can have a holiday. Also thanks to the support team who ensure that trips to Rowland’s house run smoothly.

To St Mary’s Church Brecon for allowing us to hold our open evenings without charge and displaying our boards.

To Brecon and Hay Libraries, Brecon Cathedral, Llangorse Hall and Llangynidr school for displaying our boards and other venues that have helped us too.

To Patti Prom Fest, The Big Skill, Hay Fair trade and other fairs who have allowed us to collect donations or display information.

To Brecon Beacons National Parks for Laptops and for the support of Criw Craggy and the photographer Bob Grainger for use of his studio!

To Glasbury Arts who have allowed an asylum seeking artist to exhibit his paintings and given him a sense of purpose and we hope more artists will follow.

To Mac who visits Unity in Diversity weekly to offer IELT lessons and also carries donations there as well.
Sue, Carola and Erica who bought and wrapped loads of Christmas presents so that people attending Swansea asylum seekers support and Unity in Diversity had gifts from Santa.
The anonymous donors of reverse advent calendars and other Christmas gifts including jams and honey – all appreciated at the recent Christmas parties.

Otis was amazed at the number of people who signed petitions asking for him to be released from detention, the support and friendship and appreciated the support at his court hearings. He came to our open evening to talk about this.

The many people who have befriended and support individuals by phone calls, gifts, visits and time

The courts group who regularly attend tribunals and interviews with people seeking sanctuary in order to provide support and reassurance. We always have need for more !

The people who help sign and share petitions or write to our political representatives or who share information about our group.

To Mike for help with formatting and writing campaigns, To Maria for all her work on Twitter and campaigning and to Neil and Cate who do such good work on our documents and posters.

To our political representatives who have used their influence to help with resettlement as well as to help people in particular need such as those in detention.
And to anyone else whose activities haven’t been mentioned but contribute positively to ensuring that people seeking sanctuary are welcomed and supported.

And thanks to the efforts of many, Lawrence, Mac and I were able to attend the Christmas party at UID Swansea  on the 18th December and be part of a large group of excited people to enjoy a party with super food and plentiful gifts.

We know from feedback from our friends in Swansea and Newport that all of these efforts are  enormously appreciated.
Finally I want to thank the people seeking sanctuary for their support and infectious enthusiasm for all our activities. Our lives are much richer for knowing them and because of them we also now know  so many more kind, just, generous people living near to us as well as a diverse, and wonderful  group of people elsewhere!
diolch yn fawr iawn a

blwyddyn newydd dda!