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Another brilliant day in Brecon

Penny and Andrew agreed to host another day in Brecon and many of their supportive friends and other group members rallied round to ensure that a very warm welcome , delicious food and fun activities were on offer. 50 people came on the coach from Swansea  to join about 35 people from HBTSR for a fun packed day.The coach arrived soon after 11 and quickly people were sitting in the Scout hall with hot drinks and plates of fruit, biscuits and sweets listening to the melodious tunes of newly formed ‘Fiddlepop trio’. A group went off to the Allotments with Mike and Andrew to see and pick produce whilst others went to play football with Steve and Ru or explore the area. Those who stayed had the option of Face-painting with Lynn, printing with Pip and friends, playing with outdoor games of boules, croquet, quoits or looking at the vegetables already donated by the allotment holders.

Setting up the hall, the vegetables and the allotments and the football game.

Lynn painting a face and a print being produced.

Lunch was served  before 1 from a kitchen coordinated by Julia with delicious food donated by many and served by many more. Pond dipping with Val on the canal and river proved very popular and I’m told the men were delighted at catching small fish and the volunteers who went with Val talked about their enjoyment and of restraining small children from plunging in. Others stayed to chat and make prints. Mr Bamboozle arrived and set up his stage with tricks, balloons and magic. Children of all ages laughed and cheered during his performance and a group of Sudanese men who were planning to sit outside stated how much they had enjoyed being involved. We hope to see more of Mr Bamboozle….

A chat facilitated by Raz between a Syrian, and Egyptian and a Yemeni born Brit, The ‘Tea team’ and Mr Bamboozle setting up.

The ladies from Trallong who had worked so hard last weekend at the Jazz festival came to share their expertise and produced 100’s of Welsh cakes. They brought all their equipment, cut and cooked the Welsh cakes so all could see how to do this and even gave away their recipe. The smell of freshly cooked Welsh cakes is intoxicating which must be how I lost count of the number that I ate! In addition we had many other delicious cakes ; some were sent back to Swansea with eager recipients and the rest frozen for another occasion.

The Trallong team




‘I like it here. The air smells so fresh’ said H as a small group walked  together with members of St Michael’s congregation. Jean had agreed with Father Jimmy of St Michael’s Church to organise a local walk in as part of an international movement to highlight the needs of people seeking sanctuary worldwide and it just  happened to coincide with our away day.

So whilst most people were being entertained by the comedic, magical skills of Mr. Bamboozle a small group joined together for a walk along the promenade and talked about life, families and the joy of being in Brecon.  R from Iraq talked about how after working for free for 6 months he has landed a skilled job and his experience of being homeless after achieving refugee status. H from Somalia talked about the Welsh Flag and how she loves it as it reminds her of home as many of the British soldiers who came to her area were from Wales. S from Pakistan talked with one of the congregation from the Philippines about families  and the importance of friendship as well as discussing how Welsh dialogue made her mouth hurt. G from Egypt checked the words he needed to describe the views and Z from Syria agreed to read one of the stories. None of them talked about the heart break of leaving family, friends and everything one holds dear, running for their lives, for an uncertain future in a country far from home with many barriers to overcome. They didn’t share their stories of rejection, hurt and pain or their fears. Today was about being free, walking with friends, looking at plants, birds, boats and chatting. And returning for freshly baked Welsh cakes and a cuppa before going home to Swansea. Toiletries and gifts were given to all guests to make the week ahead a little sweeter.

Wayne and Penny swap notes

saying goodbye till next time

Julia and Trevor tidying up

Many thanks are due to

Penny and Andrew for their hard work and skill in coordinating all the arrangements and obtaining all the necessary kit.

Julia and Trevor for coordinating the kitchen and acting as welcomer.

To all the people who made stews, salads, tray bakes, cakes, biscuits and food .

Fiona for making up bags of toiletries and to the many people who gave us these.

Mr Bamboozle for a superb performance and cheering up so many people.

Pip Woolf and friends for the wonderful prints and sharing expertise.

Lynn Clausen of Raven Drama for face-painting.

The Scout Hut for being an excellent venue.

Jackie, Rob, Colin and Sally for outdoor games.

To the Watton Allotment holders for generously giving their produce.

To Aldi for letting us have surplus food.

To Val for pond dipping expertise and equipment.

To Paul and Fiddle Pop Trio for lovely music.

To Llanfrynach Village hall  for the loan of gazebos and the Muse for loan of chairs and tables.

To the many people who came and helped in so many ways to make this such a good day out.

To all the people from Swansea who made the day such fun


This mystery vegetable was donated and we think it is an Achocha ‘Fat Baby’. Its a native of South America which may be why no one visiting recognised it. Its supposed to taste like a green pepper and is good in stir fries….