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“And the winner is….HBTSR”- and people seeking Asylum

We were very surprised when in April we heard that we had been nominated for an award of volunteer of the year at the eighth annual PAVO  Powys Volunteer of the Year awards night.. Melrose, Sue, Virginia and Ailsa met with Clair and Annabel at The Mill [thanks to Sarah and Sue for the use  of a meeting room there] and chatted through about what we do and why, how much fun we have and how we hear that what we do is appreciated. We must have inspired them because they have since joined our mailing list and  Clair has helped us with contacts at the Co op!

We were asked to submit a group photos which was difficult as so many are involved in the group  and may not attend meetings- Here’s what we sent.

Later on we discovered that we were nominated for the award by Bethan who has family living in Talgarth and volunteers with people seeking asylum in Swansea. Many thanks Bethan!

Penny and Andrew Leonard and Sally and Colin McColl agreed to attend the Presentation evening on behalf of the group on the 6th June whilst some of us were involved in  one of our monthly  meetings to plan a picnic on the  following Saturday. During the meeting we had a text to hear we had won an award!  It was fascinating to see the programme and find we had a second photo included that was  in Jo Harris’s citation from when we all were together at Trefonnen School where she is chair of Governors.

Over to Sally :-

‘It was a good evening. The room was full of saints. Penny, Andrew, Colin and I absolutely did our bit which consisted of eating little bits and drinking fruity fizzy stuff (Col thought it delicious and is Tesco-bound to find some more). Penny made notes, I think, of the subdivisions of the awards : Nature, health, community etc. Ian Charlesworth read out descriptions and recommendations and did us proud. We now have a Glass engraved tribute and a scroll which Penny will hand on. Penny and Andrew had their hands shaken and were photographed as were all the winners.

There were brave dancers and a ladies’ choir too and it was a tremendous effort on Pavo’s part I think. Do you think we might write and say so? A lot of spiky heels and best dresses too which was fun. A great many good and interesting people clearly.’

From PAVO Website

The celebration of volunteering was attended by volunteers and guests from around the county and was organised by Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (PAVO). Guests were entertained by Powys Dance and Builth Ladies Choir.

The celebration event took place in national Volunteers Week, and goes some way to demonstrating the value placed on the work undertaken by volunteers. It encourages them to continue to inspire others to take up a cause in a society where volunteers are playing an ever increasing and ever more necessary role.

A drinks and canapes reception was followed by the awards ceremony. The awards recognising individual and group contributions to volunteering were presented by The Hon. Dame Shan Legge-Bourke DCVO C.St J Lord Lieutenant of Powys.

Carl Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations said:

“The contribution of volunteers in Powys is as impressive as it is inspiring. The awards ceremony enabled us to shine a small spotlight on the tip of the volunteering iceberg in Powys. Without the continuous work undertaken by volunteers, essential services would not be provided, civil society would be diminished and communities would be impoverished. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to volunteers for their generous, selfless and crucial service.”