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A great night out at The Globe in Hay

On Saturday 19th May four superb musicians gave their time and skill for free to help raise funds for HBTSR.  Steve Buzza had liaised with all of them and with The Globe over a number of months. He was worried when one of his musicians had to drop out at the last minute due to laryngitis but John Eyre stepped up and gave us an hour of tuneful, varied music that was well known to the audience. He also sang some of his own compositions which were much appreciated.

John was followed by Nobby Wright who used to play football with Steve’s brother and had travelled from Worcester to be with us. His set was also lyrical,varied and included some Elvis and songs from the sixties. The audience were very happy with his contribution.

Duncan McCorkindale came from Ross to be with us and as he was singing The Globe sought out  his details to be able to book him again! I’m told his singing reminded people of Ed Sheeran but again he had a varied repertoire and interspersed a mix of different types of musical genre.

The headline act was local lad Adam Thorn who obviously commands great respect locally as shortly before he started the venue filled up with people checking he’d not played already! Again, a very varied set including Jonny Cash and Ed Sheeran songs with some of his own compositions.

I’m not qualified or able to do these musicians justice being pretty much tone deaf  but it was a lovely evening and everyone seemed very happy. We had a raffle of kindly donated prizes and overall raised £330.This should pay for transport to our next away day or help towards purchase of football kit for a Sanctuary seekers football team in Newport. Both much needed items of expenditure.

Thanks to our wonderful musicians, to Steve for arranging this, to Lawrence for taking money on the door, to people who gave prizes, and to The Globe[ and Emma]  for hosting the event.