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Tremendous Time at Talgarth Walking Festival

IMG_3682A small group of intrepid walkers from Swansea came to Talgarth for a few days to participate in the Walking Festival. Our member, Virginia, meticulously planned for the visit whilst being fully aware that there would be last minute hitches and alterations but hoped that things would work out well.  Her faith was rewarded by C, Nigussie, Naim, Mamdou and T arriving with Wayne, Tah, Lazlo, Maria and Phil to have a fun weekend. Her plans were carried out and added to by Rachel, Dante, Phil, Lynne, Sue, Gez, Sean,Hilary,Rose,Jan, Sarah, Chris, Janet and friends and helped by the generosity of  all the organisers of the walking festival  and indeed the welcoming people of Talgarth.

indexAccommodation with Sydna at the Bell was praised  for comfort and welcome as were the  games of Pool. Sydna was delighted to tell me that she’d beaten one of the young men in a challenge match!  Generous amounts of food were provided for breakfasts and snacks by members of our group and supper at Rachel’s house was much enjoyed on two occasions. Janet probably regrets telling me that she enjoys [?? enjoyed] making sandwiches as her skills have been called upon several times since including Saturday when she and others provided the packed lunches. There seems to have been enough going on over the weekend  for everyone to have a great time and several people commented upon how good it was to get to know this small group better.


Finishing in style

I’m told that the walks were good and sufficiently tiring that only Naim managed to run in the 10 mile Mill race on Sunday. We all cheered the finishers and Naim had a special cheer and lots of photos. I suspect anyone watching must have assumed he was famous- which of course he is in our group.

Tired limbs and happy smiles returned to Swansea leaving similar smiles and lots of great memories on both sides.


Wayne: Hi folks! Many thanks indeed to everyone involved for an absolutely wonderful weekend. C said that it’s by far the best thing he’s done for a very long time and it’s clear that everyone else really enjoyed. I’ll ask for some written feedback and pass it on. Tah, Lazlo and i had a ball and we are very grateful to everyone who made us welcome.

M: Very well organised, amazing scenery. I’ve never seen like that. It was fantastic. Excellent and Jovial guides. They know area very well. Friendly and lovely inhabitants. We watched film about Welsh horse. It was very interesting. For me it’s unforgettable trip. I and my son really enjoyed, and we would like to spend another holiday there. Thank you all for everything.


Sean at Pwll y Wrach

C: I would begin to thanks those who welcomed me, they were very friendly. I did appreciate, the accommodations was provided directly. I also liked it. The foods was fresh and very good, which was provided by Rachel, with a family atmosphere.  I did enjoyed. I’ve had walked on 13 miles over the Black Mountain, it was the first time for me to take part on those, which is the great experience for me because I did. I really like the knowledge of the Walker manager. I enjoyed. I am very pleased and happy to been there, I have relaxed. My  thanks to all those who worked for the Festival. I would be delighted to take part in the next project. Thanks you very much indeed.


Naim and Phil with T Shirt